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Julie Tavares, Owner/Baker

Batter Up Bakery was established in 2018 by Julie Tavares. Before that Julie worked a full time job at a small gas station bakery and made custom cakes, after work and on the weekends. She started out making small cakes for family and friends and it quickly evolved to receiving money for her cakes. She knew she wanted to open her own bakery and that dream became a reality when she opened up in her first physical space in 2018.

We are located at 229 Chocorua Mountain Highway, in Chocorua Village, NH. We are tucked in the back side of the NH Country Store. We have our own entrance and deck. we are use our take out window from Memorial Day to late fall, then move inside for our winter/early spring months. We do have 2 tables available for groups of 4 to eat inside.

We offer a variety of hot beverages including Downeast Coffee, Tea, Espresso based drinks as well as a variety of Cold Beverages including ice coffee.

Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches and Salads are served all day long. (all lunch sandwiches are served on Artisanal Bread)

We have a variety of pastry and desserts on hand every day.

We specialize in custom cakes! If you’re looking for a cake, contact us to order ahead. Most cake orders should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Please NEVER hesitate to call with a last minute cake request, we just may be able to squeeze you in!

Interested in a wedding cake? Check out our Weddings Page!

Award Winning!

MWV Cupcake Battle Winner
WMUR Viewers' Choice Best Bakery 2019
Best of MWV 2019