Special Offereings - Father's Day | Batter Up
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Deadline is Sunday June 13th by 4pm

Contact us to place an order.

Single $5    6pk $27

ROOT BEER FLOAT CUPCAKES- Root Beer based cupcakes topped with a root beer buttercream, cherry, straw and a pipette filled with Dr. McGillicuddy’s Root Beer 


Single $5    6pk $27

PB WHISKEY CUPCAKES- PB Whiskey based cupcakes topped with a PB buttercream, Chocolate Ganache, Reese PB Cup and a pipette filled with Skrewball PB Whiskey


Single $4.50    6pk $24.50

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL PRETZEL CUPCAKES- chocolate based cupcakes filled with a chocolate ganache center topped with caramel buttercream, pretzels and caramel drizzle


Single $3    6pk $16.50

TRADITIONAL VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES- topped with vanilla buttercream and fathers day decor on top.